机械 watch production in China can be divided into three historical periods. 

The early period began in 1955, when the first completely Chinese wristwatches were
produced. From the start there was a desire to match the quality of their Swiss counterparts, and ever since China has produced many high-quality watches. The factories that opened in the two decades following became leaders in the Chinese watch industry.

The middle period began in the 1970s with the beginning of mass production of the ton
gji, or Chinese standard movement, which with some exceptions was used in every Chinese mechanical watch. The standardization of the Chinese watch industry was effected in conjunction with the establishment of watch factories all over China. Just as the supply of mechanical watches increased to meet demand in the 1980s, economic reorganisation and increased availabilty of imported quartz watches proved to be a formidable challenge for the Chinese watch industry. As the century neared an end factories had to find ways to adapt or face closure.

The surviving factories have each found a place in what can be seen as the late period. C
hina now has one of the strongest mechanical watch industries in the world.

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Sometimes factories were part of a bigger company, and some watches may have been assembled from parts made at a different factory. In an attempt to be clear, the main factory is listed in these cases.